Marin Cooking

Cooking Parties
For Kids

Nobody likes to roll up their sleeves and play with food more than kids! Cooking parties are the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, graduations and special occasions. We help the kids cook age-appropriate recipes and enjoy their delicious creations! These parties get rave reviews from kids of all ages.

Party Ideas:

Pasta Pronto!

Kids shape homemade breadsticks, roll out homemade pasta, and make mini-meatballs. It all comes together into a delicious pasta feast!

Princess Tea Party

Kids cut out cookies, frost and decorate mini cupcakes, and make tiny scones and savory sandwiches to enjoy with their herbal tea and hot chocolate!

Mexican Fiesta!

Kids roll out homemade tortillas, make quesadillas, fresh salsa & guacamole, fajitas and spicy black beans for a fun and delicious party! Perfect for older kids.